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Eagles by Aircraft/Specialty
the B-17G Flying Fortress

Wolff, Robert

Wolff, Robert

Robert H. “Bob” Wolff was a combat aviator and POW in World War II. Following the surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor, Bob enlisted as a private in the Army Air Corps. In April of 1942 he was called to active duty and began his training as an aviation cadet,...

Shoens, Robert J.

Robert J. Shoens was the pilot of the B-17 Flying Fortress Our Gal Sal, assigned to the 351st Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group based at Royal Air Force Station Thorpe Abbotts in England. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he benefitted from his parents’ military legacy....

Kirk, James

James R. “Jim” Kirk was a courageous ball turret gunner who flew 27 combat missions in the B-17G “Flying Fortress” during World War II. After two semesters at the University of Michigan, Jim was drafted in March 1943. Following basic training,...