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Eagles by Aircraft/Specialty
the B-25 Mitchell

Thatcher, David J.

Thatcher, David J.

On 18 April 1942, David J. Thatcher and seventy-nine other Doolittle Raiders successfully accomplished the first air raid on Japan. Thatcher served as the engineer and gunner for crew number seven. His crew successfully struck the Nippon Steel Factory in Tokyo....

Jones, David M.

Major General (ret) David “Davy” M. Jones was a Doolittle Raider, former World War II prisoner of war, and a pioneer of American aviation whose heroic and distinguished service spanned four decades. Jones was born in 1913 in Marshfield, Oregon, and...

Henebry, John P.

John P. “Jock” Henebry helped pioneer low level anti-ship tactics used to destroy an entire Japanese convoy in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Henebry was born in Plainfield, Illinois on 14 February 1918. He earned his private pilot license during his...