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Eagles by Aircraft/Specialty
the Hawker Hurricane

Urbanowicz, Witold A.

Urbanowicz, Witold A.

Witold A. Urbanowicz, Poland’s leading ace in World War II, flew combat with the Polish Air Force, the Royal Air Force, and the US Army Air Corps in China. Born in 1908, he grew up under Russian occupation in eastern Poland. He was commissioned in the air force...

David, W. Dennis

One of Great Britain’s leading aces, William Dennis David, downed 20 enemy aircraft during the Battles of France and Britain. Commissioned in the Royal Air Force in 1938, the 19-year-old Welshman earned his wings in August. His first post was to¬†Hurricanes¬†with...

Beamont, Roland P.

One of Britain’s most distinguished aviators, Roland P. “Bee” Beamont was commissioned in the Royal Air Force (RAF) just before World War II. He first saw combat as a Hurricane pilot in 87 Squadron during the German invasion of France. On 13 May...