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Eagles by Aircraft/Specialty
the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15

Yeager, Charles E.

Yeager, Charles E.

Brigadier General (ret.) Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager was the first person to break the sound barrier and went on to become one of the most legendary figures in aeronautical history. Born in 1923 in Myra, West Virginia, Yeager joined the US Army Air Corps at...

Pepelyaev, Evgeny G.

A triple Ace in the Korean conflict and Hero of the Soviet Union, Evgeny Georgevich Pepelyaev’s natural talent as an aviator was apparent early in his career. He was born 18 March 1918 into the family of a machinist in Bodaybo, Irkutsk, in Eastern Siberia....