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Eagles by Aircraft/Specialty
the North American P-51B Mustang

Voll, John

Voll, John

Flying only 57 combat missions in 7 months, John Voll became the highest scoring ace in the Fifteenth Air Force during World War II. After completing pilot training and commissioning in January 1944, he was assigned to the 31st Fighter Group (FG). This group was one...

Hill, David Lee

David Lee “Tex” Hill was born on 13 July 1915, in Kwangju, Korea, the son of American missionaries. He grew up in Texas, but returned to the Far East years later as one of the first pilots in General Claire Chennault’s American Volunteer Group (AVG),...

Anderson, Clarence E.

Clarence “Bud” E. Anderson is a true aviator, triple ace, and test pilot. His military career spanned more than thirty years of distinguished service. He accumulated more than 7,000 flying hours, flying in two wars. Born in Oakland, California Bud learned to fly in...