Our Mission

Our Mission

Honoring airpower heritage to inspire military and community leaders of the future


Preservation of Airpower History; Capture lessons from the past generations & passing on those lessons to current & future airpower leaders

The Gathering of Eagles Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that aims to preserve the United State Air Force’s legacy through the celebration of 70 years of Airpower. The GOE Foundation exists to provide financial support to enhance Air Command and Staff College’s Gathering of Eagles program, an annual educational event geared to allow the ACSC student body to learn from and honor men and women who have made significant contributions to air, space and cyberspace power. For over 30 years, Eagles have shared their stories with ACSC in an effort to inspire today’s military leaders to achieve greatness in support of their country.

Previous “Eagles” include — George Vaughn, Leigh Wade, Jimmy Doolittle, Curtis LeMay, George Gay, Joe Foss, John Mitchell, “Chuck” Yeager, Gail Halverson, Paul Tibbets, “Gabby” Gabreski, Robin Olds, Mike Novosel, “Pete” Knight and Neil Armstrong spanned aviation history from World War I to the Space Age. The Eagles who followed included legendary figures “Pappy” Boyington, Benjamin O. Davis Jr., “Robbie” Risner, George H.W. Bush, John Glenn, Joe Engle, Jeremiah Denton, “Bud” Day, and “Gene” Kranz.