Outreach Opportunities


Do you have a STEM career or hobby? If so, we need you! A main part of the STARBASE curriculum is to expose local 5th-grade students to STEM careers, whether military or civilian and even speakers from off base. Speakers usually speak to the class/show items that relate to their STEM career and have a little Q&A with the students. Sessions will be from 10:15 – 10:45 (30 minutes) on the days listed below. Slots are for a full hour to account for check-in, travel, etc.

What to bring: You can bring a thumb drive with a presentation, cool show and tell items to help the students understand what you do, create a short activity for them to participate in that demonstrates your career.

Where are we located: We are in Bldg. 835 (basement) across from Maxwell Fitness Center (gym). You may park in any unmarked spot on the hedge side of the parking lot or park in the gym parking lot. Enter the building via the glass doors off of the parking lot. Our door is immediate to your left when you enter. Ring the doorbell or call us for entry.

Procedure: You will sign in after you enter the STARBASE building, we will show you to the classroom, you will be introduced and can begin your presentation with our group of fifth grade students. Be prepared for some awesome questions. We will contact you if our schedule changes.

To Sign Up go to: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e45aba622a2f9c43-starbase#/


The STARBASE 2.0 program is always in need of mentors/coaches to work with our students. Mentor/coaches can be from our military partners, civilian partners, and even college students that would like the experience working with students. GOEF partners with local school districts to provide this extension of the STARBASE 1.0 program (STEM Presenters). Our 2.0 programs meet once a week for about 1.5 hours, for a total of 12 – 14 weeks. Some programs may meet for an hour a week for the year.

For the 2022 -2023 school year we will be serving the following schools:

  • Mondays 1530-1645 – Maxwell AFB Middle School

  • Tuesdays – No schools

  • Wednesdays 1200-1300 – Redland Middle School

  • Wednesdays 1445-1615 – Johnnie Carr Middle School

  • Thursdays 0830-0930 – Southlawn Middle School

  • Thursdays 1515-1630 – Prattville Junior High School

  • Fridays 1230-1400 – Pintala Elementary School (time will switch to 1000-1130 in March)

These volunteer opportunities require a background check that will be provided by STARBASE Maxwell on base. You will travel to the school sites and meet with students as they are guided by a STARBASE facilitator during STEM activities. Great opportunity to share your career, promote STEM, connect with local youth and serve the river region community!

To Sign up go to: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e45aba622a2f9c43-starbase1

Upcoming Outreach Events: 

Details of more great volunteer opportunities will be posted soon. For more details or with volunteer opportunity ideas please contact Maj Adrianna Perez, adrianna.perez.2@au.af.edu or Maj Branden Jarmon, at branden.jarmon.1@au.af.edu.

Past Outreach Events:

2 MAY 22: Maj Ross McKnight joined us to teach us about financial literacy. Students learned about debit and credit and the importance of saving for their future and making good financial decisions. 

25 APR 22: Maj Burke Wilson presented a lesson on medication safety. Students were reminded of the dos and don’ts of medicationincluding prescription rules and dosage. Students had lots of questions and left with a better understanding of how to take medication responsibly.


18 APR 22: students learned about the architecture profession and participated in a Gumdrop tower challenge with Maj Ty Kelly. An interest in an engineering career was sparked today!


26 MAR 22: GOEF supported the Eyes Above the Horizon™ event, which is the Legacy Flight Academy’s™ unique 1-day outreach, flight introduction program, for students ages 10-19. This program provides youth from underserved and underrepresented communities with an opportunity to develop and foster an interest in aviation careers through flight introductions, mentorship, and immersion into the rich history and LEGACY of the Tuskegee Airmen.  Every year, parents are able to register their students for this free event. To learn more about LFA’s Eyes Above the Horizon™ program, visit http://legacyflightacademy.org/eyes-above-the-horizon or email Info@LegacyFlightAcademy.org.


25-27 MAR 22: GOEF took twenty-four students the two-day Space and Aviation Combo Camp located in Huntsville, AL was open to students ages 9-17 and took place March 25th through 27th. Twenty-four students attended this camp and were chaperoned by GOEF staff and parent volunteers.  Students engaged in air and space history, participated in an F-16 flight simulation scenario, played various roles of mission control, and met teambuilding challenges while working with various STEM-related tools and artifacts. Each student completed and submitted a scholarship application to include an essay outlining their interest and or background in STEM and why they would benefit from the scholarship. This scholarship is available each year for students in the river region. For more information about this scholarship opportunity visit https://goefoundation.org/


14 MAR 22: During Session 6, students participated in a discussion about resiliency. Majs Brooke Cobbin and CharMeeka Scroggins focused on the importance of self-efficacy as students listened to mentors share their personal experiences of overcoming fear and doubt.  Students went on to discuss how building self-efficacy is good for your mental well-being. Some of the female students participated in track team tryouts. Student beliefs about doing well at try-outs were linked to self-confidence and overall goals in life.  Students have further supported during their preparation for tryouts and everyone had an opportunity to share in their excitement! We learned that one way to increase self-efficacy is to acknowledge it in others.

28 FEB 22: Dr. Molly Benthal (ACSC Student) taught us all about ocular hygiene after an overall lesson on personal hygiene with MAJ Handsborough. Students were reminded to wash their hands before touching their faces, especially their eyes. The kids were shocked at all the diseases that can occur in the eye due to poor hygiene. Students created their own lens model using paper, tape, and plastic, to see how the eye works. Students also exhibited leadership skills when asked to share how they could help a friend. A delicious spaghetti dinner provided by Southside Church of Christ was enjoyed by all!

14 FEB 22: Students enjoyed sweet treats during a lesson from Maj Michael Bradford focused on the causes and effects of bullying. They were engaged in different scenarios and discussed the consequences of bullying. In addition, they talked about preventive measures and shared how to be a good friend and wingman. MAJ Handsborough led leadership exercises where students were able to “take the podium” and share their future plans with a small group. They answered questions from the audience and took notes about what they needed to do now to prepare for the future. They enjoyed role-playing and sharing how they handle tough situations.


7 FEB 2022: In AY22 The gathering of eagles foundation outreach program began a partnership with  The program meets weekly for two hours after school. during the first three sessions, students were engaged in interpersonal activities where they shared a little bit of themselves and learned how to Positively interact with others. On 7 Feb, Volunteer mentors from ACSC Presented Southside Church of Christ and Bellingrath middle school students with the dos and don’ts of social media and how their actions and behaviors today can affect their future. Students attending the program are offered the opportunity to compete for STEM scholarships to attend upcoming STEM camps in the river region and Florida.


Point of Contacts: GOEF Outreach Directors, Maj Adrianna Perez, adrianna.perez.2@au.af.edu or Maj Branden Jarmon, at branden.jarmon.1@au.af.edu if you have any questions. Visit www.starbasemaxwell.org for more information and other ways to get involved.